We just wanted to take a quick moment to tell everybody that reads this site that we hope you are having a happy and joyful Christmas, Hanukah, and Festivus. We do not list all of these things to celebrate diversity or political correctness but because we have in fact celebrated all of these things this past week.

We lit the Menorah and taught Ivan about Hanukah. We ate kosher chili with friends on the third night and Ivan even received his first ever Hanukah present. We ate ham with the family on Christmas Eve. We wrapped gifts and put them under the Christmas tree and attended our fair share of parties. Somewhere in the mix we found time to air a few grievances and maybe we are a little closer as a result of them.

The point is that whatever your reason for celebration we hope you are doing it with the ones you love and do not get bogged down in the chaos of it all. The season is about love, family and friends. We have enjoyed every moment we have spent with ours and hope you are doing the same.

So Happy Holidays, whichever ones you like. They are all pretty much the same as long as your heart is in it.

Thanks for reading,

Brett & Chris