Some of these links are places we have written about and some are places we may write about in the future. On the other hand, some are just links we wanted to share with you. They are alphabetized  to avoid any suspicion of favoritism. Many thanks to everyone listed below for enriching our lives and our community.

Albino Skunk Fest - The Upstate's Best Music Fes-taaa-vul!
Apartment Movers - Best moving company in the Upstate (and we are not just saying that because it is family owned).
Asada - Great food and great people... in a truck. Find them in a Greenville parking lot near you. 
Carolina Custom Kitchen & Bath - If you are looking for a remodeler, this is the only company to call. How many contractors show up with a Master's degree in economics. This is not your local yokel contractor.
Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation - Founded in 2006, the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation provides help for patients and caregivers, advocates for those afflicted and educates those who do not understand.  
Dan Manor - Remember music videos? Yeah, us neither. Daniel McCord is reinventing the live performance video. Fans of local music win big on this site.
Funny Love Blog - One half of this blog is written by a recovering stand-up comic and I laugh out loud every time I read it. And I do not mean LOL in the lame internet way... I mean the actual, physical act of laughing.
Horizon Records - Best little music store in Greenville and Bohemian Cafe's conjoined sibling.
Loaded Web
McDowell’s Emporium - My absolute favorite neighborhood book store.
My Taco Mexico - The only place in Anderson I will order a taco.
My Wife Gives Good Kitchen - Our other blog. It's new and just a little different. 
Neue Southern - Tempting European/Southern a truck.
Phat Dogs - Darn good hot dogs and brats in Powdersville
Reprotone Custom Recycled Guitar Picks - Keep it green, Pluckers.
SC Trails Program - Great guide to getting your hiking boots dirty on the weekend. - South Carolina's Information Highway
Sleepy Hollow - One of Anderson's hidden gems. This neighborhood is walking distance to the center of downtown and near the heart of our community.
Summa Joe’s Searing Pans - Best food in Anderson, hands down.
The Bohemian Cafe - Great food, great drink, great music. And Horizon Records conjoined sibling.
The Cazbah - Great food, great atmosphere, and the best place for date night in Greenville.
The Community Tap - Greenville's best spot for micro brews and select wines.  A large growler selection that changes daily.
The Corner Bagel - I never expected bagels in Anderson to be this good.
Urbanspoon -
Victoria Valley Vineyards - The Upstate has a winery and it is outstanding.
WNCW - The only radio station in the area that I will listen to. Ever.

Many more to come...