Simply put, this is our favorite hot sauce in the world.  We do not just love it because we are great friends with Big Daddy and his wife but because it is damn good hot sauce. Becky and Trevi Biles combine the freshest peppers, microbrew beer, musical themes and a ton of love to create an award winning line of hot sauce and (now) barbeque sauce.  Chris uses one of the four flavors in almost everything she cooks and every meal benefits from its presence.

The line features four flavors: Ass Burn, Amplified Heat, High On Fire, and Flaming Lips Three Drops of Death.  The same basic recipe is used in the first three which are centered around Houston microbrewery St. Arnold’s Lawnmower Beer.  The only difference is by switching out the peppers to highlight the personality of each pepper's flavor...   

Learn more about Big Daddy's Hot Sauces here.  Check out the "awards" page if you need more than just our word on things.

$5.00 The original and most award winning, Big Daddy's Ass Burn is made with Thai peppers for a medium heat level and awesome flavor. Probably the most versatile sauce. Goes great with eggs, wings, and Mexican food.  Email Brett to order now

$5.00 Named after the Oklahoma City-based Grammy award winning modern psychedelic band, The Flaming Lips Three Drops of Death is a sweet trippy sauce made with habaneros, pineapple, and ginger. The label artwork was done by Lips singer Wayne Coyne and longtime Lips artist George Salisbury. Goes great with seafood (especially fish tacos) and salads. For band info check out Brett to order now (OUT OF STOCK)

$5.00 Named after the Oakland-based metal band, High on Fire is our most intense and hottest sauce, made with habaneros and chili de arbols. The label artwork was done by esteemed artist Arik Roper, as he does High on Fire's album covers as well. Goes great with Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese food. For band info check out  Email Brett to order now

$5.00 Named after the Austin-based classic blues rock monster, this sauce is our mildest, made with pecan smoked jalapenos for a strong, smokey flavor. Goes great with gumbo, soups, and vegetables. For band info check out Brett to order now

$8.00 Named after the Houston-based art institution, our bbq sauce came into being after a huge number of bees took up residency at the museum and the folks there had to find a use for all this new found honey they had. Made with honey, habaneros, and brown sugar, this sauce find its sweetness naturally with no high fructose corn syrup added, Goes great with all things bbq. Check out the Orange show at Email Brett to order now

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