The Writer

Brett graduated from quite possibly the greatest hippie college in the universe in 1999. His bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University led him to a well paying cubicle job in Indianapolis, Indiana but Brett wanted more. In his world, “more” meant moving to Anderson, SC to get involved in a family construction business. He mastered the business of all things glass while the construction industry dried up like a flower in the desert and his collegiate and professional experience staled. 

Currently, Brett has no real career and is a jack of all trades; he works as a glass-guy, kitchen and bath remodeler, mover, pizza maker, and sometimes lawn-care technician (that is fancy talk for mowing the neighbor’s lawn).  In his spare time, he writes. He enjoys the release that writing provides and likes to share his experiences with others so that they might enjoy them as much as he does.

Important note – blogging does not really count as a paying profession. If you or anyone you know would like to pay Brett for almost any service imaginable, he is your guy.  If it is fun, maybe he will blog about it.

The Editress

Christina is Brett’s super-awesome wife and the blog would not exist without her. She is the inspiration for the site and the encouragement for Brett to share his silly words with the world. She has also designed the website because Brett is visually retarded and his page would look like it was designed by a four-year-old. 

Christina is a big city girl transplanted to the South Carolina Upstate. She was born in Chicago and raised in Houston. Anderson, SC was intended as no more than a pit stop on her journey to bigger and better things.  Bigger and better things were right here, however.  She met Brett, they got married and now she is in The Upstate to stay. Christina has hung on to her big city drive and speed of life which is what keeps her on the lookout for new and exciting adventures to share with her new family.  

The Little Man

Ivan is Brett’s son and Christina’s stepson (even though he sees her as more of a playmate and partner in crime at times).  He is six years old and is an amazing contributor to this page.  Half of the places we go and adventures we experience are designed with him in mind and his spirit and personality make them better each and every time. Whether it is a hike to a waterfall or a trip to the winery, he adds a level of love and enjoyment that is truly priceless.