Let us be honest - Our pets our disgusting little creatures. They lick themselves in ways that we cannot even imagine. Cats bring small woodland creatures to our door step as if they are trophies and dogs will eat absolutely anything they find that they consider uniquely stinky. Five minutes before I sat down to write this our pit bull was licking bird crap off of our driveway like it was a gourmet meal. This afternoon, I cleaned up shredded cardboard that our mutt stole from the recycling bin to use to decorate our living room. They go out of their way to remind us why we are the owners and they are the pets. 

Yet we love them unconditionally.

Ivan and his sister, Baby

They are our family. My son calls our two dogs his brother and sister. At six years old he shares their ignorance. I do not mean this as an insult but as a beautiful example of his innocence. Our pets are our children and our lives would be incomplete without their companionship and, most importantly, their love. If you have a cat or a dog or a bird or even a fish, you know exactly what I mean.

Our dogs are so excited when we come home from work that they bark and wail like they are in pain when we walk up the stairs into our home. When I had cats I loved when they would curl up on my chest for an afternoon nap and purr themselves to sleep and I would doze off right behind them.  Our goldfish swims to the top of his (or maybe her, I cannot tell) tank every morning when we pass by because it knows when breakfast is served.

My dog Baby thinks she is a cat.  She will lick you until the cows come home and sleeps on her back with her legs straight up in the air waiting for someone to rub her fat belly. Our other dog Rocco sits by the fridge waiting for a stray piece of magical ice to fall his way. My late cat Pickle Burger would wait by the door for a smoker to walk in so she could lick a hint of nicotine off of their fingertips. 

A good pet brings love and personality into your home.  They love us for taking care of them and feeding them and keeping them safe and warm. In their world, we are God.  On most days we do not appreciate our role in this but they never forget to remind us how much we mean to them.

The question is… where do they come from?
I'm Rocco, I was adopted from the Humane Society

My wife got Baby from her sister but Pickle Burger and Rocco came from the Humane Society…  Is it too late in the story to tell you about the Humane Society?  Would it be better if I told you about a party with food, music and a feel-good reason to get out on a Thursday night?

Thursday night the Anderson County Humane Society is hosting a fundraiser that every pet owner should attend.  The clinic’s goal is to raise money for their low cost spay and neuter clinic to help control the pet population and reduce the number of animals that are euthanized every year.  Euthanization is a necessary evil in the world of animal control but as animal lovers we should appreciate any initiative to reduce the use of the practice. If we can contribute by eating, drinking and dancing, well… why would we not?

Sweet Hound Mix for Adoption

The event takes place at downtown Anderson’s beautiful new Bleckley Inn.  A wide variety of food will be served and a DJ will keep the beat for the more footloose animal lovers in attendance.  A beer and wine bar is available to loosen up your dancing legs and maybe even loosen your purse strings while you participate in the live auction.

Seriously, who does not have fun at an auction? I do not care if I win or lose; I just enjoy trying to keep up with one of the handful of people on Earth that speaks faster than my Mother*.  Along the way you can also pick up anything from wine gift baskets and balloon rides to Electrolux appliances and vacations for your pets.

Food, wine, music and live auctions are a fun time anywhere you can find them.  On Thursday night, though, you will not just do it for the fun but for the pets.  We take care of our own all year long but once in a while we should celebrate the ones we have not met yet.  This responsibility falls on The Humane Society but here we have the opportunity to help them in their mission. 

Hi. I'm Daivd. Will you adopt me?
There might be a dog that would love to chew up shoes or bark at strangers as much as your dog does.  If there is a chance that someone will love them in spite of that as much as we do, let us give the little guy a chance to find them.  

The Bleckley Inn
Thursday, October 27, 2011
7:30PM - 11:00PM

*I say this will all of the love and respect in the world to my Mom.  She is the best Mom in the world but seriously, her speech speed could power a small community.