I never had the pleasure of meeting Scott Jenkins.  Worse yet, I only know about cholangiocarcinoma because it took Scott’s life.  Please allow me to apologize for these oversights and share some valuable information with you.

No matter how young, active or health conscious that we are, as humans we are fragile creatures.  At any given moment we can fall victim to a careless mishap or runaway train. In Scott’s world, that train came in the form of one of the rarest forms of cancer our bodies can buy.  One day he was alive and healthy with a wife and family that loved him dearly and the next day he was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Shortly thereafter he left only memories with the people that loved him the most.

The culprit in all of this is cholangiocarcinoma. Not to suggest that there are any “good” types of cancer, this is one of the worst.  Cholangiocarcinoma is a cancer of the bile ducts that is extremely rare and carries very few symptoms.  In most cases its symptoms do not reveal themselves until the cancer is already in its advanced stages.  Essentially, by the time you are diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, it is too late to do anything about it. 

I could tell you about the type of person I have heard Scott was. I can write a real life fairy tale about how he and his wife Jessica met and fell in love. I might even inspire you with the bravery and love he showed his wife and family in the face of the death. They would all be true stories that would do this man’s life all the justice it deserves but I do not feel that I am qualified to tell them. 

I am better suited to tell you about a party.

Everything I have learned about Scott tells me that he was a man that loved to have fun and live life to the fullest.  He did not want his funeral service to be a somber affair but instead asked for it to be a celebration complete with his favorite Grateful Dead songs.  He wanted his family and friends to celebrate life rather than dwelling on what they had lost.  

To that end, on the one year anniversary of his passing Jessica Brown Jenkins is hosting a celebration of her husband’s life and a benefit for the disease that stole him from her.   

On Sunday October 16th, Tavern Under The Bridge is the place to be.  Jessica has put together a fundraiser in just the style that would have made Scott proud.  There will be bands, food, drink and friends. These are the things that Scott lived for and he would be honored to know that his memory is carried on in their company. 

The tone of Sunday’s festivities will be set by three great bands.  Carolina Rising, Sons of Seuss, and TJ Land will take turns on stage and establish a festival vibe that Scott would have loved.  Food will be served and drinks will flow like water.  A silent auction will be held for products and services provided by a laundry list of local businesses that are dedicated to helping out this cause. Tickets are only $10 and all of the proceeds go directly to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation to help find a treatment for this awful disease.

You do not need to have known Scott Jenkins to attend this event. You do not need to know his wife Jessica or anyone else that loved him. All you need is a desire to have a good time on a Sunday that will have more of an impact on the world than scratching yourself on the couch while you watch football (yeah, you know who you are).  

Scott’s story should be a reminder to us all how quickly everything we have can be taken from us.  We can see this as a sad fact of life that looms over our heads like a storm cloud or we can do what I imagine Scott would have done… check out some live music at a big damn party.

INFO & AN UPDATE: Tavern Under The Bridge is located in Downtown Anderson and the event runs from 3pm-9pm.  I also just learned that this is a kid friendly affair so you do not need to hire a sitter. See ya there.