I do not know if the rambling that is about to ensue is worthy of a blog post but it is too long for a Facebook status update and I have no idea how Twitter works.  Furthermore, I am posting from a restaurant because I have no internet connection at home. I digress…

I came home from work to find out that my wife had picked up the Buddy Holly tribute album today. This is an amazing collection of Buddy Holly covers that includes Modest Mouse, Lou Reed, and even a version of Kid Rock that I do not find completely offensive. I would not know of this album if it were not for the greatest radio station in the universe.

As I post this, I am sitting at Summa Joe’s with my family waiting for a pizza for Christina and I and a grill cheese “on fancy bread” for Ivan.

In the morning I am going to go with a friend of mine to the landfill to dispose of the cement and tile we removed as part of a bathroom remodel we started today. Ivan will join us so I hope to teach him something about garbage and the environment. More likely, however, I am confident that he will enjoy throwing trash off a cliff.

Finally, Ivan and I have a “Man Saturday” planned while Chris is at work. We will have breakfast at the Corner Bagel (story to come), get him a haircut (he seriously looks ridiculous right now), and stop by McDowell’s Emporium to pick up a new book or two for each of us.

As I consider what I am doing this evening and what I have planned for the next few days, I realize something. Upstate Under Your Nose is not a blog about places or things… this is a blog about my life with my family.  I do not know how I feel about that but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and have an interest in exploring it with us. 

Thanks for reading about these places and the others and for sticking around to see the other discoveries we plan to share.

One more thing: just for the record, I have not and will not be the driver to any of these destinations. Big Brother may have legs but they move extremely slowly.